The mission of the Global Roller Technology Group is:


  • To provide products, services, & technical support for customers around the world. Several large companies, pooling their combined resources, to serve large multi-national customers worldwide.
  • To offer the benefit of several R&D organizations to develop innovative products. Sharing the collective output of R&D professionals from several countries to provide the best technical development for new products and product enhancements.
  • To provide rapid deployment of new technology and product improvements. Through state-of-the-art communications, the latest in new product development can be offered to customers around the world quicker than any other supplier in the roller industry.
  • To facilitate the procurement function for global customers, providing the highest standards of excellence, while ensuring product availability throughout all production facilities world-wide.
  • To utilize the combined purchasing power of the group to ensure the highest possible value and quality to all customers worldwide

The GRTG unifies:

  • more than 2000 experienced employees worldwide
  • more than 55 production facilities in all continents
  • 10 R&D facilities in various countries